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Semi-Truck Accident on I-5 in Tacoma Leaves 1 Dead

Updated on: 3/2/2021

One person is dead after a Semi-truck jackknifed on I-5 South in Tacoma Friday evening.

Multiple vehicles were struck by the Semi-truck that lost control after having to slow down while approaching traffic on I-5 South around 5:00 p.m. Friday evening. 

The semi-truck driver reportedly swerved to avoid striking the car in front of them, instead striking the vehicle to the left, before eventually striking the vehicle directly in front as well. 

The driver in the first vehicle that was struck was pronounced dead at the scene and no other drivers were injured in the accident. 

Recovery Options After A Wronful Death Collision

Semi-trucks like the one responsible for this accident are some of the most dangerous vehicles on our roads particularly at freeway speeds where it can take a semi three times as long to stop as the average passenger vehicle. 

That stopping time is in part due to the weight of semi-trucks which also make their accidents all the more devastating at up to 200,000 pounds of weight or more versus the 3 to 4,000 pounds of an average passenger vehicle. 

Truck drivers are trained to operate their vehicles as safely as possible, with specific rules and precautions that must be taken, and if a truck driver is found to have not been following these rules, they may be found liable for any injuries resulting from that accident. 

After an accident like this, the loved ones of victims involved should reach out to experienced semi-truck accident attorneys who can conduct a detailed investigation into the accident looking for key details that could prove fault on the part of the driver. 

Additionally, identifying the driver and their company could allow accident victims to research the companies safety records and any history of unsafe practices that may have played a role in their accident. 

Serious accidents like these need serious help, that's why Davis Law Group offers free case evaluations for the loved ones of wrongful death accidents, to help them understand the claim process and what their best options may be going forward, and even if they need an attorney at all. 

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