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Seattle Whistleblower Protection

Updated on: 6/1/2018

In addition to Federal Whistleblower Laws (False Claims Act, Quai Tam, Lincoln Law), the The City of Seattle Whistleblower Protection Code offer’s city employees the ability to report improper behavior and/or City governmental actions.  The City’s policy helps to protect employees that make a whistleblower complaints, and offers them protections if they experience retaliation for doing so.
What are examples of ‘improper governmental actions’?   Any activities undertaken in the performance of official City duties that:
  1. violate any federal law, State law, county or City law or rule; or
  2. may be considered abuse of authority; or
  3. may endanger public health or safety; or
  4. results in the waste of public funds. SMC 4.20.850(c)(1)
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