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Our Gift Program Hopes To Reach Children in Costa Rica

Updated on: 3/4/2019

school supplies gift programThe Children of Montezuma, Costa Rica Need Basic School Supplies

Attorney Chris Davis, his wife Mischelle and their son Jackson recently took an eco-vacation to Costa Rica in conjunction with Earth Day 2012 (April 22).  The Davis’ visited the remote fishing village of Montezuma which is known for its beautiful beaches and for being at the center of one of the world’s Blue Zones.  The town features a mix of local residents as well as foreign backpackers and eco-tourists who come for the beaches, rivers, and scenic waterfalls that surround the village. The nearby Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve draws a large number of visitors to the area.

While visiting Montezuma the Davis’ came across the local elementary school, Centro Educatino Moctezuma (see photo of Jackson Davis in front of the school).  The school is located right on the beach at the end of town.  This tiny school has limited resources and the students are in desperate need of basic school supplies.   Back home in Seattle Chris and Mischelle are the creators of The Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program which gives a $100 OfficeMax gift card each week to a teacher whose classroom is in need of supplies.  

While still in Montezuma Mischelle began to inquire about the school and its needs, but none of the teachers at the school (who were there when Mischelle came by) spoke English and Mischelle does not speak Spanish.  One American living in Montezuma told Mischelle that resources are so limited that the school only operates a few hours per day and is often closed when it rains.  

Once back in Seattle Mischelle got in touch with Proyecto Montezuma, an organization that helps coordinate volunteers to help teach English to the local school children.  Officials there informed Mischelle that getting school supplies in Montezuma is a bit of a challenge and the options are often very limited.  The schools and children are always looking for markers, construction paper, pens and pencils, and notebooks.  

Mischelle is actively working on gathering supplies and navigating Costa Rican Customs red tape to make sure that the supplies get to the children.  Proyecto Montezuma will distribute the supplies to the children.  Mischelle hopes to make sending school supplies to the children in Montezuma an annual extension of the School Supplies Gift Program.

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