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Seattle’s ‘Safest Driver’ 2.0 Contest Starts May 13

Updated on: 11/25/2019

seattle's safest driverThe Seattle Department of Transportation will once again be looking for Seattle’s “Safest Driver.” 

In supporting Seattle's Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030, SDOT is holding a contest once again to find the city’s safest driver. The grand prize winner will take home $5,000.

The contest utilizes a smartphone app that measures driving habits such as phone distraction, harsh braking, speeding and cornering. The app runs in the background while drivers compete for eight weeks (May 13 through July 7).

This is the second time SDOT has held the contest. 

Last year, a 38-year-old financial advisor who drives a Honda Accord won the contest. He ended up with a perfect score and won the $2,000 grand prize. Second place got $1,000 and third place got $500. 

In addition to the final prizes, there were also biweekly awards for the following categories:

  • Best driver. Top 3 drivers got a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Most improved driver. Top 2 drivers got a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Least distracted driver. Top 2 drivers got a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Most transit trips. Top 2 transit takers got a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Most bike trips. Top 2 bicycle riders got a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Random sweepstakes winner. 2 people got a $25 Amazon gift card

SDOT partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) to develop the smartphone app. SDOT says that information from the contest provided to the City of Seattle, Cambridge Mobile Telematic, and PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company will only be used in accordance with the City of Seattle's privacy policy. 

Results of 2017-18 'Safest Driver' Contest

SDOT said there were more than 4,000 app downloads and nearly 300,000 car trips in last year’s contest. 

The following were some of SDOT’s findings:

  • Phone distraction. Among the top 50% of users, there was a 20% drop in phone distraction. The top 25% of users had a 35% drop in usage.
  • Harsh braking. The top 50% of users saw their harsh braking go down 18%, while the top 25% went down 30%.
  • Speeding. The top 50% went down 16%, while the top 25% went down 28%.

Again, the 2019 contest begins May 13. 

Seattle Auto Accident Attorneys

At Davis Law Group, we share the same goal as the Seattle Department of Transportation in that we’d like to see fewer traffic related crashes and fatalities. Taking part in the Seattle’s “Safest Driver” competition is a good-natured way of encouraging safe driving and commuting. 

If you have found yourself involved in a car accident, bus crash or other type of injury situation, you may benefit from consulting with a personal injury attorney. The team at Davis Law Group is standing by to answer your questions and put you on the path to physical and financial recovery. 

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