Updated on: 2/22/2019

pitbull attorney seattle washingtonPit Bulls: The Most Dangerous Dog Breed in Washington State

Seattle Animal Control sees about 300 dog bites each year 1 out of 5 of those accidents involved pit bulls, even though only 1 out of 20 dogs in the US are pit bulls.

Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982.

A report published in the April 2011 issue of Annals of Surgery found that one person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, two people are injured by a pit bull every day, and young children are especially at risk.

DogsBite.org, a US-based pro-breed specific legislation advocacy group that focuses on pit bulls blamed pit bull breeds for 62 percent of the 325 people killed by dog attacks surveyed in media reports from 2005 to 2014.

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