Seattle Electric Scooters Promise More Risk than Reward

Updated on: 7/11/2019

Cities like San Francisco, Austin and Atlanta have all had some level of scooter share services for some time now, offering users the chance to skip traffic, save on ride share services and zip to their destinations faster and easier than walking or biking.

While the scooters seem fun, convenient and easy to use and for new riders to jump on, experts warn that they can offer riders incredible risk that both users, and cities that allow them operate in need to grapple with.

In an editorial written in The Seattle Times a physician explains that the risk of traumatic brain injuries while using these scooters could pose a significant public health risk. Seattle is currently reviewing plans to potentially allow scooter sharing services in the city, but requirements like helmets and limitations are still being decided on.

It is currently required by law to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle in king county, but riders without proper safety equipment are already fairly commonplace with the prevalence of ride sharing bicycles already in the city.

Ride Share Liability

Just like sharing services for Bikes, these scooters have the potential to thrust individuals who are unfamiliar with these particular modes of transportation onto the sidewalks and streets. Bikes and scooters capable of reaching an excess of 20 miles an hour could cause significant harm to both the rider and those around them.

If the platforms providing these vehicles are found to be not properly supporting, regulating or otherwise manage their usage to properly account for and minimize risk to users and their community they could be found liable for damages incurred in their use.

Not every accident or injury in or on a rideshare vehicle is the companies responsibility, but if you find yourself or a loved one hurt by one and you believe they may not entirely be at fault, you should check out our book, Wheels of Justice, for more information or contact us by phone at 206-727-4000 or online using the chat function below to request a free consultation to see if the award winning team at Davis Law Group can help your claim. 

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