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School Bus Collision in Moses Lake Leaves Man Seriously Hurt

Updated on: 2/22/2019

moses lake busA man was seriously injured in a two-vehicle collision with a school bus Wednesday in Moses Lake, according to Moses Lake Police. 

A 22-year-old man was heading north in a Geo Prizm in the 1500 block of West Broadway Avenue when he rear-ended the bus just before a railroad crossing. 

Photos from the accident scene show the vehicle wedged beneath the school bus. The man was taken to Samaritan Healthcare in Moses Lake with serious injuries. He was the only occupant of the car.

Moses Lake Police said no one on the school bus was injured. 

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Why do Buses Stop at Railroad Crossings?

In the accident described above, it appears that the driver of the following vehicle rear-ended a bus that was stopped at a railroad crossing. 

A federal law requires all commercial vehicles that carry either passengers or hazardous materials to stop at all railroad crossings to make sure there are no approaching trains. This law applies even if there are gates and signals in place.

School bus drivers must stop and open their front door at crossings to ensure they can see and hear approaching trains. 

Washington state law (WAC 392-145-070) requires school buses to stop at all rail grade crossings. 

However, there are five exceptions:

  1. Where traffic is controlled by a police officer or flagger;
  2. Where a functioning traffic control signal is transmitting a green light;
  3. Where the tracks are used exclusively for a streetcar or industrial switching purposes;
  4. Where the utilities and transportation commission has approved the installation of an "exempt" sign; or
  5. Where the crossing is abandoned and is marked with a sign indicating it is out-of-service.

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