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Safety Spotlight: Tips for Motorcyclists Driving on Busy Roadways

Updated on: 5/10/2022

prevent motorcycle accidents
Traffic can be difficult for all drivers – especially those riding on motorcycles. Traffic can be quite a nightmare. Several motorcycle accidents happen every year while riders are riding on congested streets and highways. Motorcyclist online offers 15 safety tips for motorcyclists dealing with traffic.

Watch drivers’ heads and mirrors – Watching the head movements of drivers through their windows and mirrors is an excellent way to anticipate sudden moves.

Trust your mirrors, but not totally – While your bike’s mirrors can be lifesavers, they don’t always show you everything happening around you. Always glance over the appropriate shoulder to get the full story.

Never get between a vehicle and an off-ramp – Drivers who decide to exit at the last minute kill many people each year. Passing on the right can be life-threatening.

Cover your brakes – Always keep a finger or two on the brake lever in case of sudden reaction.

Be noticed – Make sure pedestrians and drivers can always see you, even from a distance.

Be ready with power – Ride in a gear lower than you normally would so your bike is ready to jump forward instantly.

Traffic slowing? Stay left or right – Stay to the left or right of the car in front of you.

Practice the scan – Constantly scan your entire environment while riding.

Left-turn treachery – Be ready if you are approaching an oncoming car that that is stopped and about to turn left. Your brights should always be on.

Study the surface – Be on the lookout for spilled oil, antifreeze or fuel. Also keep an eye out for gravel and/or sand, which can be more difficult to see. Use your sense of smell as well.

Ride in open zones – Use your bike’s power and maneuverability to ride open zones in traffic.

Use that thumb – Get into the habit of canceling your turn signals often regardless of the traffic situation. A blinking signal might tell drivers waiting to pull into the road or turning left in front of you that you’re about to turn when you aren’t.

It’s good to be thin – Whether you’re looking to the side of the cars ahead or through their windshields, seeing what’s coming can give a lot of time to react.

More than one way out – Do not brake hard in a minor situation. There is usually an escape route. Swerving around an accident is better than hitting a car and causing you great injury.

Running interference – Let larger vehicles run interference for you when negotiating intersections.

Prevent accidents, as there is a high rate of fatality in motorcycle accidents. Be educated, prepared and safe before hitting the busy roadways.

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