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Safety Spotlight: Safe Car Seats Can Save Your Child's Life

Updated on: 11/7/2019

car seat safety, prevent child injuries
Every parent wants to keep your child safe, obviously. But when you are shopping for a child car seat, are you only looking at the price tag? Your first goal should be to decide if it going to protect your child in a car accident.

There are very basic safety issues that you need to address. The seat must be able to connect with the seat belt and hold the seat securely in place. The car seat should have the integrated LATCH system, or Lower Anchor and Tether for Children. This fastens the car seat securely to the regular seat.

Your car seat should also be the Versa Tether Energy Absorbing system. This keeps your child’s seat securely in place. This prevents the seat from moving unexpectedly forward by up to six inches.

Also, EPS foam is another safety measure. This can be found in bicycle helmets. The foam will divert the force of the crash away from the baby in an accident. This put a forgiving barrier between them and any type of hard surface.

Consider your child’s comfort too. If your little one is complaining about being uncomfortable, it is going to distract you from the road. Make sure the cushioning is soft and comfy, and they can relax in ease.

These features are very important to ensure safety of your child. Of course you are going to have price on your mind, but you can find very safe car seats for a reasonable price – you just have to know what you are looking for. It is also not recommended to buy a used car seat because the structural identity isn’t the same after it has been used. When you are car seat shopping, expect to pay between $100 and $200. Your child’s safety is worth it!

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