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Rollover Truck Kills Pedestrian in South Seattle Intersection

Updated on: 7/8/2020

A truck was struck by another vehicle before rolling on top of and killing a pedestrian crossing the street Tuesday Morning.

The incident occurred at the intersection of South Alaska St and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South during early morning rush hour around 7:30 a.m.

Emergency responders found the pedestrian stuck underneath the rolled over truck and unfortunately pronounced the individual dead at the scene.

Pedestrian Safety and the Law

At this time, we do not know what caused the accident that rolled the truck over or any additional details about identities or any additional factors that played into this tragic event, but what we can know is core elements of every pedestrian accident.

Every 120 minutes a pedestrian is killed in traffic, and one is injured every eight minutes in the United States.  

It appears our victim was in a crosswalk at the time of the accident, while on the surface crossing properly at a crosswalk when directed may feel safe, unfortunately however, accidents involving pedestrians in crosswalks are entirely too common.  

If one driver is found to be at fault for the accident that rolled the truck onto our victim, they could also be held responsible for their death.

Victims or family members of victims in pedestrian accidents should make sure everything involved in the accident is documented by authorities and seek out any available medical attention that could be needed to focus on recovering physically as best as they can.

For the best financial recovery possible, victims should look to experienced pedestrian accident attorneys like the team at Davis Law Group who can guide them through the process, advocate for them to insurance, and make sure they receive the appropriate compensation for everything they have lost.

Victims or their loved ones can request a free consultation with our team of personal injury attorneys to see if we can help guide them through this difficult process by calling 206-727-4000, chatting with us online, or requesting a consultation using the contact page on out website.  

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