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Special Report: Ride The Ducks Accident Victims Guide: General Advice for Survivors of the Seattle ‘Ride The Ducks’ Collision (pdf)

Many of the survivors of the 'Ride The Ducks' accident that took place on September 24, 2015 in Seattle have costly past and future medical bills, lasting injuries, traumatic emotional scars, and some may require medical treatment for weeks and months to come.  The family members of the catastrophe's fatal accident victims suffer not only the detesting loss of a loved one, but they may also have been left with hefty medical bills.

As officials investigate the 'Ride The Ducks' crash, evidence is beginning to shed light on the cause of the accident and some legal questions are finally starting to get answered. Negligent acts and omissions committed by employees, managers, corporate  officers and owners directly lead to the circumstances that caused the 'Ride The Ducks' vehicle to crash into a charter bus filled with foreign exchange students. But in order to pursue the entire truth of what happened that morning of the Aurora Avenue Bridge; get all public safety questions answered; and to hold all of those who are responsible for the horrible tragedy accountable it will likely be necessary for the victim/survivors to file a lawsuit.

Will All Of The 'Ride The Ducks' Victims Get Fairly Compensated for Injuries, Harms & Losses?

The harms and losses involved with any bus accident in which a large number of people are injured or killed will be substantial. Often times injured survivors and the families of the fatally wounded end up in a fight to receive fair compensation---fighting not only the responsible party and their insurance company but also each other.  When the insurance policy amounts and the financial resources of those responsible are limited, the victims and survivors must compete with one another in order to get their fair share of any settlement compensation.  

As a hypothetical example, let's assume that the economic and non-economic damages suffered by seven victim/survivors of a major accident is calculated to be $20 million. But the available insurance policy coverage and other financial resources is only $10 million dollars. How will the debts be paid? How will each victim/survivor's settlement amount be determined? Who determines how much each victim/survivor will recieve? Will get compensated more than others? The skills, abilities and experience of the attorneys involved will directly impact the individual outcomes.

Attorney Chris Davis has handled numerous cases involving commercial vehicles, transit bus operators, etc. Davis Law Group has also handled many cases that required NTSB investigations, perhaps most notably the Skagit River Bridge Collapse case. And the law firm and its attorneys have handled numerous multi-victim accidents in which we had to vigorously fight for the best interests of our clients. We are very familiar with the legal strategies and tactics that are frequently utilized in such cases. 

Special Report: Ride The Ducks Accident Victims Guide: General Advice for Survivors of the Seattle ‘Ride The Ducks’ Collision (pdf)

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