Renton Resident Takes Safety Into His Own Hands After Crash

Renton police were called to the scene of a three-car crash on Friday night. The crash happened on Maple Valley highway during the evening hours. Three adults and one child were transported to a hospital; the adults had critical injuries, and the child had life-threatening injuries.

Police officers closed the road in both directions to clear debris and investigate the scene. They believe that speed was a factor in the collision. They also suspect that alcohol and marijuana contributed to the crash.

A Dangerous Location For Head-On Accidents

Less than a month ago, two serious crashes happened over the same weekend on the same stretch of Maple Valley Highway. Both involved multiple vehicles and left people with life-threatening injuries; one crash injured a total of eight people. Both crashes in April involved a vehicle crossing the center line and ending up in the opposite lane of traffic at full speed.

The highway has also been threatened by mudslides. One completely blocked the roadway after a long stretch of wet weather in February.

Despite its name, Maple Valley Highway isn’t meant to be treated like a true freeway. A stretch of State Route 169, Maple Valley Highway passes through residential and recreational areas before terminating in downtown Renton. Most of the road has no center median, and in some stretches the speed limit is as low as 35 miles per hour. The highest allowed speed on Maple Valley Highway is 50 miles per hour.

(Image: The three vehicle involved in the crash blocking Maple Valley Highway. Image source:

Residents Warn Drivers About High-Speed Collisions

On the Saturday after the crash, local resident Paul Behr decided that he was fed up with the safety issues that he kept seeing on Maple Valley Highway. He stood on an overpass, holding a sign that read “Car accidents and fatalities have become too common on this highway, 169. SLOW IT DOWN.” He hoped that drivers passing by the sign would realize that the speed limits were low and they needed to travel slowly to stay safe.

Other residents decided to show their support for Behr’s efforts to warn drivers about safety issues on the highway. Lauren Crater, who also resides nearby, told reporters, "We've seen multiple accidents on this highway. We've had trouble getting home sometimes because accidents happen and it shuts down the freeway. Again we just saw a Good Samaritan standing out here. We wanted to bring him some water and let him know he's not alone."

Locals believe that increased patrols by the Renton Police Department could deter speeders.

What To Do After A Crash In Maple Valley

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