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Renton Crash Traps Critically Injured Driver in Car Monday

Updated on: 11/25/2019

One person was rushed to Harbor View after having to be extracted from their car after a T-Bone crash involving a pickup and a silver sedan Monday afternoon.

The crash occurred at the intersection of 4th street and Nile Avenue in downtown Renton just after 1 p.m. Monday where it appears a black pickup struck the drivers side of a silver sedan.

Renton Fire and Police were on the scene conducting an investigation until around 3 p.m. when traffic was allowed through the intersection once again.

T-Bone Accidents, Injuries and Liability Explained

T-Bone accidents account are especially dangerous due to the broadside nature of the impact being absorbed by the car being struck. Beyond potentially pushing one car into another near by vehicle or other roadside fixture, rollovers can cause catastrophic harm to those in the car, or around it.

When it comes to liability involving T-bone type crashes, it’s not always as simple as seeing which car struck the other.

Even with green lights, drivers have a responsibility to avoid causing accidents and green lights on left turns always come with a responsibility to yield to oncoming traffic.  

The most common cause of T-Bone type collisions is one driving failing to yield the right of way to another, including drivers racing to beat a yellow light, which often involves high speed, making crashes even more dangerous.

Liability can even be shared in crashes such as this where it is found that both parties had some level of culpability in causing the crash.

If you or a loved one were injured in a T-Bone, or any kind of auto accident, your first step should be pursuing any necessary medical treatment while working with authorities to ensure the facts and details of your crash are accurately accounted for.

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