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Referee Assaulted at Kenmore Youth Basketball Game Hires Seattle Attorney Chris Davis

Updated on: 6/9/2022

A man who was assaulted while refereeing a local youth basketball game in late 2021 has officially retained Seattle personal injury attorney Chris Davis of Davis Law Group to represent him in a legal claim against the assailant and any other responsible parties for injuries suffered as a result of the attack. 

Facts of the Assault Obtained from Charging Documents

On December 16, 2021, our client A.C. was attacked by an unruly parent at Kenmore Middle School in Kenmore, Washington after attempting to break up an argument on the basketball court. Police arrived at the scene to find the 72-year-old referee in need of serious medical attention due to a "deep laceration on his nose and a hematoma above his left eye," according to probable cause documents from the King County Sheriff's Office. 

Based on interviews with witnesses at the sporting event, law enforcement officials determined that the incident started after the assailant's son - who was playing in the game - was knocked to the ground by another player. When the referee attempted to intervene, witnesses say the assailant - identified as Mark Robert McLaughlin, father of the player involved in the confrontation - yelled "No one touches my son!" and charged at our client.

McLaughlin struck our client and knocked him to the ground, causing him to suffer significant bodily injury. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken nose, fractured cheekbone, and two broken ribs, among other injuries. 

Media Inquiries

Principal attorney Chris Davis and the legal team at Davis Law Group are available to speak with the local news media about this case and the legal considerations that the public may be interested in. Please contact Dee Dee Landon or Ian Waldron at at (206) 727-4000 for media requests. 

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