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Protect Your Child From Injury on Halloween

Updated on: 11/7/2019

Child injuries during Halloween
Halloween means candy and costumes – and unfortunately the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians.

As the streets become filled with children and trick-or-treaters, the amount of pedestrian accidents soar to the highest amount of the year.

Halloween means candy for children, and parties for adults. Together, this can be a very deadly combo.

"Halloween safety is a responsibility shared by everyone, and all it takes is some extra caution," said Jacklyn Tobin, spokesperson for AAA. "Drivers and parents can help keep trick-or-treaters safe by simply slowing down and using caution when crossing the street."

AAA is offering some helpful suggestions in order to prevent any child accidents on Halloween.

1. Make sure your children can comfortably walk in their costume. There should be light colored materials and reflectors to make it easier to be seen.

2. Trick-or-treat during daylight.

3. Use nontoxic face paint. Instead of masks. Masks can block a child’s field of vision.

4. Make sure your child carries a flashlight. Drivers will be able to see them, especially important if they are wearing a dark outfit.

5. Cross streets only at corners and obey all traffic rules.

6. Choose a trick-or-treating route that is lit up, with very minimal car traffic.

7. ALWAYS use sidewalks. Do no walk down the middle of the road… sensible.

8. Make sure your child knows to never enter a stranger’s house.

Davis Law Group wishes you a very fun Halloween!

If your child has been the victim of an accident, contact an attorney. Child injury cases are serious.

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