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Propeller Accident At Seafair Mars Woman's Leg

Updated on: 11/19/2019

The Seattle Times reported that a boat propellor slashed a woman’s leg on Sunday, inflicting what authorities are calling a serious injury that does not appear to be fatal. The 19-year-old victim, who was conscious for the pain and could interact with those around her, was taken to Harborview Medical Center by way of Leschi Marina. The maiming occurred in the early afternoon.Seafair propeller injury

Legal Issues to Consider With Propellor Accidents

Boat accidents are overwhelming. The nature of boating equipment worsens most injuries. A boat propellor, in any other context than propulsion, could be seen as a weapon. So not only does a sufferer have to contend with the damage from a boat accident wound, but also the ramifications of those injuries.

The question has to be asked: how will someone who has been severely injured in a boating accident be able to continue with their life?

Liability issues are also murky when it comes to a propellor accident. Lawyers can often demystify liability in these situations. Whoever was piloting the boat must be questioned, as well as the boat’s owner. How many people were around the boat when the incident occurred and was the pilot of the boat keeping track of everyone? Were standard safety procedures being observed?

These questions need to be answered in this case. No doubt authorities are still gathering information. But any lawyers consulted should have an exemplary track record with boating accidents. For instance, the legal team at Davis Law Group recovered 1.3 million dollars for a client who was injured by a family member operating a boat. 

What's Different About This Case

This case is a tragedy. But it's a known tragedy. According to the Propeller Guard Information Center, the Coast Guard admits that up to 90% of boating accident injuries aren't reported. 

The first step is always to alert the authorities when you were injured in a boating accident. Consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer to preserve your legal options is a wise second step.

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