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Possible Drunk Driver Causes 6 Car Crash, Sending 8 to Hospital

Updated on: 9/24/2020

Police have reported a dark pickup truck driving at a high rate of speed before causing a serious crash in Everett Monday night. Additionally, open alcohol containers were recovered from inside the vehicle.

No details have been provided yet regarding the severity of the injuries sustained or identities of those injured, other than that of the driver of the pickup truck, a man in his mid 20’s and the ages of those injured ranges from teenagers to mid 50's.

The drunk driving crash happened on Broadway Ave near Everett Ave and left one of the six cars involved burning on the road as bystanders assisted first responders in putting out the flames. 

The man behind the wheel of the truck is expected to be charged with vehicular assault upon his release from the hospital.

Multi-Car Drunk Driving Crashes

Not knowing the conditions of the more than half a dozen people injured in this crash, the first step to the process of recovery after a car accident is of course the physical recovery.

Everyone harmed by this driver should be entirely focused on going through every proper medical channel in order to be made whole through whatever means it takes, at which point, once they have fully physically recovered, or cannot recover any further, their focus should finally turn to insurance and the financials of recovery.

Beyond every medical bill, every expense in the process of recovering from an accident like this as well as lost wages from time away from work or any additional damages resulting from the incident can and should be claimed and accounted for when discussing a recovery with insurance.

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