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Possible Class Action Suit Against Mercedes-Benz for Engine Defects

Updated on: 11/7/2019

auto defect lawsuit against mercedes benz
A class action lawsuit may be filed against Mercedes-Benz for an auto defect in its M156 V-8 engine. The 6.2-liter engine is used in seven different Mercedes models.

The auto defect lawsuit alleges that material in the engines have led to quick wear and failure. More specifically, the suit mentions the engine’s nodular iron camshafts, which may be too soft or may use the wrong offset function properly with the engine’s 9310-grade steel valve lifters. As the material choices are made by Mercedes-Benz and AMG, they have been aware of the issue since 2007.

The judge has not yet approved the suit as a class-action lawsuit; if he/she does it will open it up for other experiencing similar issues with the engine to participate.

Thus far, the plaintiff alleges financial losses exceeding $25,000.

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