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Pit Bull Attacks Students at St. Therese Catholic Academy in Seattle

Updated on: 8/28/2019

seattle pit bullAn escaped pit bull attacked students at a school in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle last week, leaving multiple children with bite injuries, according to Seattle Police.

The incident occurred around 10:40 a.m. on December 13 at St. Therese Catholic Academy, an elementary and middle school located at 900 35th Avenue.

Seattle Police say two dogs got loose from a nearby home and entered the school grounds as a group of third graders were leaving recess. One 8-year-old girl was jumped by the dog. She was bitten on her head and hand and spent much of the day at Seattle Children’s Hospital receiving treatment. Two other students also received several bites.

A school staff member heard the commotion and was able to separate the dogs from the children. All three students are expected to be OK.

The school’s principal told KIRO7 the dogs were in a cage but got loose when someone opened up the home’s garage.

Seattle Police say the dogs returned home and animal control officers from the Seattle Animal Shelter later took the dogs into custody. Animal control will conduct the follow up investigation.

It’s unclear if the owner of the dogs will face any charges.

Settlements for Pit Bull Attack Victims

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Location of the Attack

Attorney Chris Davis in the News

Attorney Chris Davis is regularly featured on local and national news to discuss recent dog bite cases. The above video reel is a selection of those appearances.

Dog Bites and Children Statistics

According to the American Humane Association:

  • About 50 percent of dog bites each year occur in children under 12
  • 82 percent of emergency room dog bite cases involve children under 15
  • 70 percent of deaths from dog bite attacks occur in children under 10
  • Boys under 15 years old experience more dog bites than girls of equal age
  • 65 percent of dog bites in children occur in the child’s neck or head

Experts believe that a child’s smaller stature and generally more erratic behavior are contributing factors to the above statistics. In cases of dangerous pit bulls and other aggressive breeds, a child’s energy and behavior may be more likely to trigger a dog’s prey drive.

Image: KIRO7

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