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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage In Washington State

Updated on: 1/2/2023

PIP insurance coveragePersonal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage is a type of automobile insurance coverage which will pay your medical cost, wage loss or funeral expenses following a car accident, regardless of fault. 

That means that no matter who was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries - you, the other driver, or even multiple parties - it does not matter. If you carry PIP insurance coverage, it will help cover these expenses (within the coverage amounts).

Washington State Law On PIP Coverage

Washington state law (RCW 48.22.100) does not require that policy holders obtain PIP coverage. But the law dictates that insurance providers must offer PIP coverage to their automobile insurance customers.

Policy holders can opt out of PIP coverage in writing, if they wish. If the insurance provider does not obtain a written rejection authorization from the policy holder then they must add the coverage to the insurance policy.

In Washington State, PIP coverage must, at minimum, provide the following benefits:

• Up to $10,000 for medical expenses for each individual injured in an auto accident.
• Up to $200 per week for lost wages (income replacement coverage).
• Up to $2,000 for funeral expenses.
• Up to $5,000 for loss of essential services (payment to others for work you can't do such as cleaning and yard work).

Benefits Of PIP Coverage

One of the greatest challenges that injured car accident victims often face is getting adequate medical diagnosis of and treatment for injuries resulting from the collision. Diagnosis of injuries and documenting treatment for those injuries are important first steps to establishing solid medical evidence that can be used to support a personal injury claim for damages. 

PIP coverage allows accident victims to immediately seek out medical treatment after an accident without having to worry about the out-of-pocket costs that come with it. Knowing that you can have $10,000 or even up to $35,000 of no-fault insurance coverage gives injured victims the peace of mind. It also ensures that victims do not have to sacrifice the strength of their personal injury case just because they can't afford treatment.

Free Legal Consultation For Accident Victims

If you have been injured in an accident and are concerned about getting adequate treatment for your injuries or have questions about PIP coverage, call the award-winning team of attorneys at Davis Law Group today at (206) 727-4000 or use the confidential contact form on this page to have your case reviewed by our award-winning legal team absolutely free. 

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