Pedestrian Struck by Pizza Hut Delivery Driver in Seattle

Updated on: 6/1/2018

An elderly pedestrian was hit by a pizza delivery vehicle Tuesday night in North Queen Anne, near the 600 block of West Nickerson Street.

According to news reports, medics and police were the first to arrive at the scene. The 65-year-old man was crossing the intersection of Sixth Avenue West and West Nickerson Street around 9 p.m. A Honda Civic was reportedly traveling west on Nickerson when the driver struck the pedestrian, according to statements made by a police spokesperson.

The man is now suffering from life threatening injuries at Harborview. In the preliminary investigation, officials found that the Pizza Hut delivery vehicle hit the man. The pedestrian then hit the windshield and rounded up onto the roof. The driver has no injures and appeared to be not impaired, he was released from the scene.

Understanding Liability for Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers are required to yield the right of way to pedestrians who are legally crossing the street but if they fail to do so, a collision like this could occur.

Immediately after a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian you must stay calm and focus on what has just happened. Staying calm and communicating with the appropriate parties can and will minimize your liability.

All drivers should have a clear understanding about the basic laws involving pedestrian collisions in order to ensure that they do not face any criminal charges after an incident like this.

For example, drivers often make matters worse in pedestrian accidents by not remaining at the scene of an accident. This only makes matters worse, and hit-and-run drivers are often caught by police shortly after the incident occurs. Thankfully, the driver in this instance remained at the scene and was cooperative with investigators.

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