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Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck In Ballard Parking Lot

Updated on: 4/26/2021

A woman is dead after being struck by a hit and run driver in a Ballard parking lot by a hit and run driver. 

The collision took place in the Fred Meyer parking lot on March 19th, and according to KOMO reporting the woman struck passed away in the hospital one week after being struck. 

The driver who struck the woman has not been found at this time after fleeing the scene but police are investigating the incident as a potential homicide and are looking to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the collision. 

Pedestrian Accidents and Parking Lots

Parking lots are dangerous for pedestrians simply given the nature of the spaces, with drivers searching for spots as people walk to and from their cars, but parking lot accidents can be complicated for a number of reasons.

Davis Law Group has represented victims injured in parking lot accidents and our team understands the unique challenges presented.

The fact that parking lots are private property and not public roads means several things for someone injured in a parking lot collision

  1. It means that the standard rules of the road do not apply, so determination of fault can be more complicated
  2. Police officers are less likely to respond to a parking lot accident then  they would be an accident in the street

Given the hit and run element of this pedestrian accident, determination of liability appears to be a more simple question, but this is where the location of the incident could go to the benefit of the injured party. 

Parking lots often have cameras covering much of the area, meaning there is a strong chance the driver that injured and ultimately killed the victim in this story was caught on camera. 

Police will request and review any available footage from near by security cameras, especially considering this is being pursued as a criminal case, but any evidence recovered could be used in a personal injury claim made by a victim or their family. 

While criminal acts do not always fall into the category of a personal injury claim unless it is found that the driver intended to harm or kill the victim in the accident, the driver and any insurance they carried would still be liable in a personal injury claim. 

Serious injury or even wrongful death cases like this one can be massive and complicated, and insurance companies know that they could be forced to pay a massive settlement, so they will try everything they can to get injured parties to settle quickly and for less. 

Davis Law Group has been handling complicated wrongful death accident cases in the state of Washington for more than 20 years and knows all the tricks an insurance company might use to try to take advantage of an accident victim, that's why we offer free case evaluations and our Washington accident book series to accident victims in our region, to level the playing field between accident victims and insurance companies. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and would like a free case evaluation with the experienced parking lot accident attorneys at Davis Law Group call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page. 

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