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Pedestrian Killed: A Semi-Truck Hits Woman On I-5 In Vancouver Sunday Night

Updated on: 2/17/2020

A woman was killed Sunday night on I-5 in Vancouver after being struck by a semi-truck while walking on the freeway. 

The crash occurred just after 8 p.m. when the woman reportedly walking on the freeway as the semi was traveling northbound.

First responders reported that the woman who was in her 50’s had died at the scene of the crash.

At this time drugs or alcohol are not considered to be factors in the collision.

Pedestrian Accidents On the Freeway

While the adage “Pedestrians Always Have the Right of Way” is a familiar one, it is not always applicable.

While drivers often have an assumption of fault when it comes to pedestrian accidents, pedestrians are still required to operate with an appropriate level of care on and around roadways.

If a pedestrians actions do not appear to be in line with that level of care, or the driver simply had no reasonable ability to avoid the collision, the pedestrians claim could be reduced or even rejected all together.

A pedestrian crash on the freeway begs the questions, why was the pedestrian there and did the driver have reasonable opportunity to avoid the collision?

Examining The Facts Of A Pedestrian Accident Case 

The collision appears to have happened near E 39th St, an area with an overpass crossing the freeway that would appear to have a sidewalk for pedestrians crossing the freeway.

If for whatever reason, that sidewalk was not accessible or closed at the time of the accident, that could be an explanation for why the pedestrian would be crossing at that point.

While that in and of itself does not relinquish the pedestrian of their duty act in a reasonably safe manor it does begin the groundwork of the investigation that would go into this crash by an attorney working for the victim.

Using clues and factors like the place and time of night the collision occurred along with testimony from experts and professionals, a personal injury attorney would begin to build the case for what went into this tragedy occurring and ensure the victims family received all of the financial recovery they were due.

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