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Pedestrian Injured in Shoreline Hit-and-Run Accident

Updated on: 2/26/2019

Two men driving a white passenger van are being sought by the King County Sheriff’s Office after the van was involved in a pedestrian accident and left the scene.

Police say the van was driving northbound on Aurora Avenue North near 145th Street in Shoreline at approximately 8:30 p.m. February 19. The driver struck a pedestrian who was crossing in the middle of the street, and then decided to leave the scene of the accident.

Witnesses say the van had a rack on top and had no side or back windows, according to police. The man reportedly darted out into traffic and wasn’t in a marked crosswalk when the van hit him.

One witness saw the driver of the van pull over briefly in a parking lot near the scene of the accident before he drove away. Other bystanders reported seeing two men – one with a goatee – in the vehicle at the time. Police say that the impact likely caused damage to the right headlight.

Leaving the Scene only Makes Things Worse

The pedestrian reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident, which makes the circumstances of this collision even more devastating. However, it is interesting that the van decided to flee the scene of the accident because the pedestrian was not in a marked crosswalk, so there is a chance they would not have been found at fault.

Since the decided to leave the scene of the hit-and-run, however, the men could both be facing serious criminal charges if they are caught. Anyone with information regarding this particular accident is urged to call 911 or contact the King County Sheriff’s Office.

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