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Pedestrian Injured after being Struck by Vehicle Near UW

Updated on: 2/19/2019

A man suffered life-threatening injuries in a pedestrian accident after being struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross an intersection without using a crosswalk in the University District of Seattle on January 10.

According to news reports, the crash happened Friday evening in Seattle on 7th Avenue near 50th street in the University District, at approximately 8:20 p.m. The man crossed the street wearing dark clothing and was hit head-on by an Audi, which reportedly had three men inside. The impact from the body and the car colliding caused the Audi’s windshield to shatter.

The driver of the Audi sedan told KIRO TV crew and officials a man in dark clothing, very hard to see ran in front of his vehicle in the middle of the roadway and hit him with his car. The driver could not stop until it was too late, and police did not report any evidence of drug or alcohol impairment playing a factor in the crash.

Pedestrian Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

The Seattle Fire Department reported the man who was hit is in critical condition at Harbor View Medical Center receiving medical attention. Police closed 50th Street following the crash to further investigate, and KIRO News reported that investigators found a skateboard at the scene that they believe belongs to the pedestrian.

Pedestrians crossing the street in the evening and without reflective clothing can make it difficult for oncoming cars to see them. Unfortunately this person did not make it across the street safely, and the fact that he was wearing dark clothing and crossing without a marked crosswalk were major contributing factors to the collision.

The fact that pedestrians are so much more vulnerable to serious injury than occupants of motor vehicles makes it even more important that they take every precaution when attempting to cross a roadway. This case is a prime example of the devastating injuries that can result from a person taking the duties of a pedestrian too lightly.

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