Pedestrian Hit by Metro Bus in Downtown Seattle

Seattle Metro Bus Accident

UPDATE: The original post indicated that the pedestrian was likely at-fault for the accident because he stepped into traffic without the right of way. However, according to follow-up reports on the accident, the bus driver had exhibited signs of intoxication by drugs and/or alcohol during police officers' investigation into the collision. A blood draw was performed on the driver and he was released. The results of the toxicology report, in addition to any criminal charges, are pending and no further information was available. If the driver's toxicology report shows that he was under the influence, it could certainly put the fault on him and the pedestrian would have a pedestrian accident claim on his hands. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A 32-year-old pedestrian sustained serious injuries Tuesday morning after being hit by a bus in Downtown Seattle near 3rd Avenue and Stewart Street.

According to Seattle police, the bus was traveling on 3rd Avenue near Stewart Street at approximately 7:20 a.m. and had the right of way at the time. Witnesses say that despite a red light for the pedestrian, he stepped out into the street right in front of the bus.

The crash was forceful enough to break the bicycle rack on the front of the Metro bus, in addition to damaging the vehicle’s windshield. The man sustained significant injuries in the pedestrian collision and the incident caused serious traffic congestion in the city.

Pedestrian was Disoriented Following Collision

Interestingly enough, witnesses say that the man got up shortly after the collision occurred and walked into a nearby Starbucks. Moments later, the Seattle Fire Department got a call from witnesses indicating that the injured man was standing outside of the Starbucks at Fourth and Pine and was bleeding from the head.

Upon arriving, medics found that the man had sustained several broken bones as a result of the collision, in addition to a sizeable head wound. Witnesses say the man was exhibiting signs of a possible concussion, and he was bleeding from the head which suggests the possibility for a traumatic brain injury. He was transported to nearby Harborview Medical Center to be treated for his injuries and SFD spokesman Kyle Moore expects the victim to survive.

Seattle Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Police are still investigating the collision, but witness reports indicate that the Metro bus had the right of way in this incident and the man unwittingly stepped out off of the curb and into traffic. This puts him at fault for the accident, unfortunately, which means any liability insurance coverage would likely be denied. As long as the pedestrian has Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on his auto insurance policy, he should be able to get reimbursed for his medical bills to the extent of his policy limit.

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