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Pedestrian Death: Woman Hit and Killed by SUV in Belltown

Updated on: 11/19/2019

KOMO News is reporting a very tragic story. A woman was struck by a car in Belltown and died at a local hospital.

Early statements gathered by the reporters at KOMO say that the woman was entering into a crosswalk with two other pedestrians (one of whom was her husband) when she was struck by an sports utility vehicle. 

The driver of the SUV was 85 years old. Investigators have initially reported that he did not appear impaired.

A resident who heard the collision said that crashes like these happen often in Belltown because the streets are so tight and visibility is low because of the cramped architecture.

Older Drivers and City Streets

Every person's faculties diminish as they age, affecting their driving skill. The National Institute of Health reports that

"[t]he risk of crashes rises with age, especially after age 75. Studies show that older drivers are more, and less, likely to be involved in certain types of crashes than other drivers. Older drivers are less likely to be involved in crashes related to alcohol use, speeding, and driving at night. But they are more likely to get into crashes:

  • at intersections (usually in the vehicle that is struck)
  • in which the front of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle
  • where the older driver is merging and the other vehicle is traveling faster or is in the older driver’s blind spot"

Washington State does not restrict license renewal based on age alone. Drivers can renew their license online or at a local Department of Licensing office. Every other renewal has to be done in person. The in-person renewal requires a vision test for drivers of all ages.Older Driver Attorneys

The family of this woman crossing the street will be best served by making sure their legal options are best preserved by a personal injury attorney who can communicate with the investigators. Every piece of information is important to cases like these.

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