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Part Two: Amtrak Cascades Mechanical Equipment Questions

Updated on: 10/12/2018

Questions Mechanical Equipment Information

  • What was the mechanical condition of the train?
  • When was the last inspection of the train?
  • Was all cab signal equipment fully operational?
  • Was the deadman or alerter feature checked prior to departure?
  • What was the mechanical condition of the controlling locomotive (engine)?
  • What is the mechanical inspection record of the locomotive and the passenger cars?
  • Were emergency brakes applied at any time before the accident?
  • Were the braking systems functioning normally prior to the accident?
  • Was the train operator display (TOD) in full working order? 
  • Have all maintenance crew members met the American Public Transpiration Association (APTA) Rail Vehicles Maintenance Training Standards? 
  • Died the train have a full pre-departure inspection of systems and components of the rail transit vehicles?  
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