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Man Trapped in Living Room by Hit-and-Run Driver In Parkland

Updated on: 10/13/2021

A Parkland man was left trapped in his living room after a driver crashed his Mustang into his home and fled the scene. 

The driver of the vehicle reportedly exited the destroyed car and fled the scene on foot, abandoning the resident under the car. 

According to the Pierce County Sheriffs' office, the collision happened Monday morning before noon and left the resident with non-life-threatening injuries that required hospitalization. 

Authorities are still on the lookout for the at-fault driver, requesting anyone who might recognize the vehicle or have any information to come forward and call the sheriff's office. 

Vehicle Into Building Collisions

It is very fortunate that the victim in this incident was not more severely injured given the sudden and devastating nature of these collisions. 

Vehicle into building crashes like this are surprisingly common across the united states, with 50-60 vehicle into building collisions occurring any given day according to the National Highway Safety and Storefront Safety Council. 

While the at fault driver has not been identified at this time, investigators have their tools to try to identify and detain hit-and-run drivers however bizarre the collision. 

While police do their work to identify and criminally charge the at fault driver, a victim should have their own team of investigators working on investigating the driver and the scene for information about their injury claim. 

 A police report is a great place to start, but in the end, accident victims need a skilled and experienced team of car accident attorneys on their side like the team at Davis Law Group.

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