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Owner Charged After Pit Bull Bites Boy at Father’s Day Party in Auburn

Updated on: 2/22/2019

A single felony count of Possession of a Dangerous Dog was filed this week against the owners of a pit bull that bit and seriously injured a 5-year-old boy in Auburn back in June. 

KIRO7 reports that the boy was playing at a Father’s Day party in Auburn when a pit bull suddenly bit him. The boy’s father told the news station that the boy "required emergency surgery after being bit in the groin" by the pit bull. Doctors at a Tacoma hospital had to perform emergency surgery.

The boy is recovering, but the long-term effects of the bite wounds is not yet known. 

The attack happened in the fenced backyard of the owners’ Auburn home. KIRO7 reports that the pit bull is still living with one of the owners. 

If convicted of Possession of a Dangerous Dog charges, the owners could face up to a year in jail.

Pit Bull Has a History of Violence

According to KIRO7, in 2015 the pit bull “was placed under a vicious confinement order after growling and showing vicious propensities toward children while running at large.” The owner was fined $225 for the pit bull being a public threat, running at large, and having no license. 

The owner told KIRO7 he has complied with the restrictions and fines places by King County Animal Control. But King County Animal Control says the owner has not paid the 2015 fines and has also not paid the $550 in fines imposed after the June 2018 attack. Those fines include $500 for a vicious animal offense and $50 because the pit bull did not have a rabies vaccination.

KCAC says it has no authority to take the pit bull from the owner. Animal Controls says it is looking for ways to become more “restrictive” with “dangerous dogs.”

Compensation Available to Dog Bite Victims

Although it is impossible to identify the true value of a dog bite claim and the possible compensation without reviewing the details of the individual’s injuries, dog bite victims may be able to recover a variety of types of compensation.

Like most personal injury lawsuits, dog bite victims may be able to recover:

Current and Future Medical Costs

The severity of the injuries and the required medical care is a major factor in determining the value of a dog bite case. Victims can receive payment for: emergency room visit, ambulance rides, doctor’s visits, surgery, medication, medical tests, rehabilitation, etc.

Lost Wages

Serious dog bite injuries often require the victim or their family to miss time from work. A personal injury lawyer will work with a victim and their employer to determine the amount of missed time and the wages lost.

Pain and Suffering

Serious injuries from a dog bite attack may cause a victim to experience pain and suffering that can last into the future. This includes the mental discomfort, as well as a fear of dogs and possible post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident.


A dog’s sharp teeth can cause puncture wounds and tearing, resulting in severe injuries that leave scars. Victims left with disfigurement injuries may be able to receive compensation for this.


If a victim is rendered disabled after a dog bite attack, it may be possible to receive compensation. For example, if an injury left a victim unable to perform everyday activities, or the victim now requires assistance to do common tasks, they may be entitled to financial payments.

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