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One Person Seriously Injured in Seattle Carjacking

Updated on: 11/11/2021

A carjacking at knifepoint early Wednesday morning led to one person being seriously injured. 

Seattle Police reported they were investigating the carjacking just before 6 a.m. and that in the process of their escape, the carjacker hit a man riding a scooter, leaving him with serious leg injuries.


According to reports, the stolen vehicle was a utility truck that was being used to fix a downed power line near East Madison and 29th Avenue East. The carjacker pulled a knife on the utility worker and stole the truck. Shortly afterward he struck the man on the scooter, near 6th Avenue and Yesler Way.Police chased the suspect through Capitol Hill and up to the University District where they eventually made an arrest.

There have been no updates on the injured man’s condition.

Understanding the Rights of Accident Victims

A tragedy like this can feel overwhelming for the victim and their loved ones. They may be left with questions about how they will pay for their medical bills and any other costs associated with being seriously injured. 

Because the vehicle was stolen, unfortunately any insurance on that vehicle will not provide compensation for the person the carjacker hit. Typically, insurance does cover the vehicle as a whole rather than just the registered owner, but the key to that being extended to other parties is permission to use the vehicle. Obviously, the carjacker did not have permission to drive the utility truck, so it is extremely unlikely that the insurer will process a claim.

However, not all hope is lost. The best source for financial compensation would be the state’s crime victim’s compensation program. Claims can be filed through the Department of Labor & Industries to help cover medical bills and any potential lost wages. The state offers up to $150,000 to cover medical treatment and up to $15,000 for temporary wage loss or $40,000 for permanent disability.

There are limitations when it comes to compensation through the state, so another place that may be able to provide some relief is the victim’s own insurance. If they have a car insurance policy, and it includes personal injury protection (PIP) and/or uninsured motorist coverage (UIM), they may be able to file a claim. Though it might not seem like it would be covered, most car insurance policies cover the policyholder even when they are a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Because there are many unknowns in this case, it would be in the best interest of the victim and their loved ones to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The right lawyer will be able to help the victim sort through the details of their accident and help determine the best way forward, whether that is hiring an attorney or pursuing a claim on their own.

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