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One Person Killed in Crash on SR-525 Saturday Afternoon

Updated on: 12/20/2021

A collision on SR-525 on South Whidbey Saturday afternoon left one person dead and two others injured.

According to reports, the crash occurred when the driver of a Toyota Tacoma crossed the center line and hit a Mercedes head-on.

The passenger in the Mercedes was killed. Both drivers were injured with the driver of the Tacoma being sent to Harborview and the driver of the Mercedes being sent to a local hospital.

It was reported that Troopers believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

Resources for Families

This kind of accident is incredibly tragic. Lives are irreparably altered due to the negligence of someone else. While there is nothing that can replace the life that was lost, the family has some options for compensation.

The first option is to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance. As long as there is ample coverage, the family should be able to recover a settlement. However, because the driver of the vehicle the victim was in was also injured, there is the risk that there will be fewer available funds, depending on the policy limits. Most of the time there is a maximum amount the insurers will pay per incident. If that limit is close to the maximum per claim, then the family of the deceased may not get a full amount.

A second claim can be made with the insurer of the driver of the Mercedes. Because the victim was a passenger in the vehicle, their family has a right to file a claim with their loved one’s driver’s insurance, under their personal injury protection. That claim can help cover the costs of associated medical bills and funeral expenses.

Because accidents with a death can have so many complications, it is always best to consult with an experienced Washington car accident attorney as soon as possible. If they are able to help you along in your claims process, they will take the work away from you and your family so you can grieve rather than focus on responding to requests from the insurance company or any other parties that may be owed money.

The legal team at Davis Law Group has been helping the family members of accident victims recover fair settlements for over twenty years. They offer free case evaluations to help determine the next best steps. If you would like to request a consultation, you can use the chat or contact form on this page, or call 206-727-4000.

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