Oil-Slicked Roads Lead to Multiple Accidents on I-405

Slick roadways on Interstate 405, potentially caused by oil or gasoline leaks mixed with typical rainfall, led to two multi-vehicle accidents Tuesday afternoon. According to Chief Roy Gunsolas of Renton’s Station 12 Battalion, a semi truck with a leaky gas tank in combination with rain showers were the most likely causes of the oil-slicked roads.

The hazardous conditions resulted in a three-car accident on southbound I-405 near Exit 4 in Renton, as well as a two-car accident on the ramp for SR 167. No serious injuries were reported and all of those involved were released at the scene.

The Washington State Patrol and Renton Fire and Emergency Services responded to the scene to make sure the situation didn’t present any serious safety hazards. It took the Washington State Department of Transportation a couple of hours to clean up the roads and traffic was momentarily delayed.

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