Nursing Home Workers Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

nursing home neglect

A study looked at the pay-rates of nursing home workers. On average, Medicaid reimburses nursing homes an average of $7.17 per hour for their employees, keeping in mind the national minimum wage is $7.25.

Eljay, the research group that funded the study discovered that nursing homes nationwide are under-funded massively, by approximately $6.5 billion in 2010. Sixty-four percent of skilled nursing facilities rely on Medicaid as their primary funding and source of reimbursement.

The question is – does this correlate with quality care?

If our nursing homes cannot afford experience and superior people to care for our elders, we are going to continue seeing issues associated with nursing home maltreatment.

Several workers in nursing homes are not qualified and are not compassionate about their work, are going to do a poor job since they look at it as “just a job.”

As a personal injury law firm, Davis Law Group sees a lot of elder abuse and injury due to the negligence of nursing home workers. If a decent wage is not available, we are going to see a continual problem with nursing home neglect.

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