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Study Shows More Deaths in Nursing Residents

Updated on: 11/7/2019

nursing home abuse, neglect attorneyA new study conducted by researchers at the University of California in San Francisco suggests that nursing home residents that are older may face higher risks of surgical complications than others not in nursing homes in the same age range. The mortality rate for nursing home residents was six times higher than non-nursing home residents.

The researchers specifically looked at national Medicare claims from 1999-2006. It included information from 71,000 residents in nursing homes 65 years or older. The findings showed that 12 percent of all nursing home residents who underwent an appendectomy died within the next year due to surgical complications, compared to 2% of non-nursing home residents.

Other categories included gall bladder surgery, bleeding ulcer surgery and other abdominal operations. Nursing home residents all ranked higher in fatalities than those not living in nursing homes.

Researchers said that in some cases, residents may want to consider alternatives to surgery.

Researchers also said that higher risk residents should factor into the medical decisions of doctors, patients and families.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Elder abuse is a real problem. Because the nursing home industry has become a multi-billion dollar business comprised of major corporations, in some facilities profitability has become more important than administering proper care. Reports state that 30% of nursing home facilities are cited for instances of abuse. For this reason, both federal and state governments have introduced legislation to protect residents of nursing homes.

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