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Don't be Scammed by Insurance Adjustors

Updated on: 11/27/2019

Using delay tactics: The adjustor is a master of using delay tactics to wear people down. He knows that many people (80-90%, according to some insurance company estimates) will grow tired of the delay tactics and simply throw their hands and say, “Enough!” These people will accept low-ball offers just to be done with the entire unpleasant process.

Requesting unnecessary information: It is true that the insurance company will need records, receipts, bills, reports, and other documentation to support the claim, but sometimes the requests for documentation are unnecessary – for example, asking for medical records from ten years before the accident or asking for tax returns from the same period.

There are several more tactics that insurance adjusters use, that you must be aware of to receive the settlement you deserve!

Seattle injury attorney Christopher Davis has helped many clients that have received poor and unacceptable settlements from adjusters. He knows how they handle claims, use unfair tactics and try to confuse you. Do not be a victim of this.

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