Motorcyclist Killed in Skagit County Crash

A 40-year-old man from Bellingham was killed Friday afternoon after his motorcycle collided with a woman’s Buick on Chuckanut Drive in Skagit County. The driver of the motorcycle, identified as Timothy Floyd of Bellingham, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Police say he first crashed into the Buick, then spun out of control into a nearby parking lot and crashed into a parked pickup truck.

The woman driving the Buick was uninjured in the accident and Floyd was wearing a helmet at the time. Police have determined that the cause of this accident was reckless driving on Floyd’s part.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2010, more than 4,500 people were killed in accidents involving motorcycles in the United States – a slight increase from 4,469 deaths in 2009.
  • Motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than someone in a passenger car.
  • 11 percent of all roadway incidents involve motorcycles.

Washington State Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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