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Motorcyclist Killed in Shoreline Crash with SUV.

Updated on: 5/7/2020

A Motorcyclist was killed Thursday morning after colliding a large SUV in Shoreline. 

The collision appears to have taken place just after 9 a.m. Thursday morning near the 1300 block of north 205th St according to initial reports

Little information has been released at this time but what is known is that the victim is believed to have been in his 40's and the collision appears to have taken place at or near an intersection and involved the front end of the SUV based on photo's from Q13 reporter Dante Jackson.

Investigators are still working to determine a cause and liability for this incident and shut down the area for several hours after the incident to work with accident reconstruction experts and determine what caused the death of the cyclist. 

What Family Members Can Do After A Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating and while riders and their families understand the risks nothing can prepare family members for the tragedy of a fatal accident. 

The investigation that takes place after any accidents that involve serious injury or death is what determines both the value and the legitimacy of a claim.

Most importantly it is key to never sign a settlement agreement immediately after an accident as insurance companies may try to rush victims to settle quickly for less than their case is worth, and once you sign on the dotted line or deposit that check, the claim is finished. 

This tactic is just one way insurance companies take advantage of accident victims and their grieving families. 

Finally, family members of fatal accident victims can request information like police reports and even local news reports if the accident made the news as all of this information will help build your potential wrongful death claim

Seeking Legal Help For A Wrongful Death Claim

Not every accident requires an attorney, but when you or a loved one is badly hurt or killed like the rider was in this accident, the stakes are too high and the factors involved too complex to try to go it alone. 

Davis Law Group only takes a case if we believe that we can add value to the claim and help the accident victims in the process, with settlements reaching as much as 200 times more than what victims had been offered before retaining the firm

Motorcycle accident settlements can vary by large amounts based on injury severity, available insurance and comparative negligence and it takes an experienced team of motorcycle accident attorneys to successfully manage a claim and get the best results for a victim and their families.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and have questions about your claim, Davis Law Group is here to help with free case evaluations available to accident victims and their family members. 

To request your free case evaluatoin with the expert accident attorneys at Davis Law Group call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact optoins on this page today. 

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