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One Killed One Injured in Highway 20 Motorcycle Accident

Updated on: 1/31/2023

The Driver of a motorcycle was injured and their passenger killed after an accident on Highway 20 over the weekend. 

The crash took place just after 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening on Highway 20 just west of Winthrop.

According to reports the motorcyclist traveling eastbound attempted to pass a driver when the driver attempted to turn, causing the motorcycle to collide with the rear end of the vehicle. 

The driver of the motorcycle, a 35-year-man was airlifted to Central Washington Hospital and the 27-year old female passenger was killed at the scene. 

Initial reports from State Patrol cite following too closely as the cause of the accident. 

Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycle accidents increase in the summer months as more riders hit the road and unfortunately this often comes with increased cases of serious injuries and even fatalities to riders. 

Two-lane highways are some of the most dangerous roads for motorcyclists with highspeed and limited shoulders or opportunities to pass, accidents happen fast and come with dire consequences.

While in most cases, motorcycle accidents involve a driver and a rider, in rare accidents like this one the rider has a passenger who is injured as bad or worse.

Davis Law Group has previously represented a veteran who was a passenger on that was injured in an accident and was able to recover $590,000 on her behalf

In that case, the at-fault driver was the person she was on the motorcycle with but thankfully the standard of care for a driver, or motorcyclist extends not just to other vehicles or pedestrians on the road, but to their own passengers as well.

Serious accidents leading to the death of a loved one require special care as determining a monetary value in a wrongful death claim can be a painful and complicated process. 

If you have lost a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the experienced team of motorcycle accident attorneys at Davis Law Group are here to help, offering free case evaluations with no obligation to sign. 

To request your free case evaluation today, call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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