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Monroe Prison Head Doctor Fired, Seven Deaths Under Investigation

Updated on: 11/25/2019

State medical authorities are investigating seven inmate deaths as well as three inmates who suffered due to inadequate care under the care of Dr. Julia Barnett in the Monroe Correctional Complex.

According to reports, the deaths include individuals who suffered for weeks with festering wounds, organ failure, and untreated stab wounds.

Dr. Barnett was placed on paid leave in October of 2018 and in April of 2019 was fired for misconduct after DOC investigations concluded she had “Failed to advocate for these patients and delayed emergency medical care, which was essential to life and caused significant deterioration in patients’ medical conditions.”

Inmates Proper Medical Care

While those convicted of crimes do have some of their rights limited while incarcerated, even those who are imprisoned still have human rights.

No court can sentence anyone to a slow and painful death and inmates that may have been subject to levels of negligence in their care that DOC doctors called “shocking,” which lead to just that.

Davis Law Group has previously taken legal action against the DOC  on behalf of clients who were harmed by their negligence. We know that they are tasked with a challenging responsibility, but when their duty is not upheld, we’ve seen the damage it can cause.

If you or a loved one was harmed while in DOC custody, the experienced team of personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group can help. To request a free consultation call 206-727-4000 or use our contact or chat options on this page.

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