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Legal Blog: Medical Malpractice

It is our intention to help to preserve the legal rights of medical malpractice victims by educating our readers as to what their rights may actually be; what laws may apply; how frequent similar accidents occur; who may be legally at fault; time limits (statute of limitations) for taking action; and so on. It is our hope that by doing so, medical malpractice victim/survivors will gain a better understanding of their own legal rights and more wrongdoers will be held accountable.

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  • Hospital Error Reports Now Available Online In the past, it hasn’t been easy for the public to access the results of inspection reports about violations concerning medical errors in hospitals throughout the United States.
  • Woman Sues Doctor for Surgical Error during Hysterectomy An Iowa gynecologist has been disciplined by the state board and is the target of a medical malpractice lawsuit after he mistakenly removed a patient’s healthy ovaries during a hysterectomy procedure.
  • Pierce County Doctor Indicted on Healthcare Fraud In 2011, a 63-year-old Pierce County oncologist and his wife were indicted on more than 20 counts of healthcare fraud, obstruction of justice and money laundering
  • CDC Report Shows Increase in Child Birth Complications When it comes to healthcare – and more specifically, the process of giving birth to a child – we Americans tend to think we’re better off than most countries in the world.
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital Hit with $28M Verdict over Birth Injuries After their son was born with cerebral palsy, brain damage and additional physical and mental disabilities via Caesarian Section on March 26, 2010 at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • ‘Never Events’ in the Healthcare Industry These “never events” are so traumatic and preventable that authorities at the HHS have determined they should never, ever happen.
  • Healthy Profits: Non-Profits and Profitability. Nonprofit hospitals can’t profit, right? Think again. Nonprofit hospitals can and do generate profits. They just can’t distribute those profits to owners or shareholders like for-profit businesses do. Instead nonprofit hospitals must reinvest profits back into their organizations.
  • The Most Common Types Of Medical Mistakes At U.S. Hospitals Medical mistakes are the one of the leading causes of death in the United States; CNN reports that approximately 250,000 people are killed and millions more are injured
  • U.S. Health Officials Issue Fentanyl Warning The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an official safety alert Thursday, warning the public of the risks of exposure involving fentanyl painkiller
  • Anesthesia Errors Anesthesia errors are typically caused by anesthesiologist negligence. When anesthesia errors or anesthesia malpractice happens the responsible medical facility and providers can be held liable for the patient’s injuries or death.
  • Wrong-Site Surgery: Operating On The Wrong Body Part Yes, there have been cases of doctors at Seattle-area hospitals and at medical facilities across Washington State operating on the wrong body part. Just this year our office has received calls about wrong-side amputation, wrong-side testicle removal, operating on the wrong arm and other similar medical mistakes.
  • Retained Surgical Items (RSIs) After Surgery In Washington State Because Davis Law Group is a Seattle medical malpractice law firm we have learned of similar cases of sponges left behind after surgery at Swedish Hospital and surgical instruments and sponges left in patients at Virginia Mason Hospital. We have handled similar cases at other hospitals in Washington State as well.