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Medical Malpractice Leads to Wrongful Death

Updated on: 11/7/2019

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A woman died after receiving liposuction from a doctor in Bellevue. She was found dead in a hotel room in May of 2009, the day after her procedure. The autopsy showed that she died of acute poisoning from Lidocaine – anesthetic that is injected into the body for surgeries that are performed in-office not at a surgery center.

The doctor has been suspended for 30 days. That’s all.

He was charged with unprofessional conduct last year, after his patient died following liposuction of her abdomen and upper arms.

The 28-year-old patient’s family sued the Sono Bello Body Contour Center for medical malpractice and received a $1.8 million settlement.

The charged doctor’s consequence included a three-year probation, meaning he could practice under certain conditions. He also had to complete 50 hours of medical education including local anesthetic toxicity, risks and complications of office-based surgery. He had to pay a $5,000 fine.

The doctor sent her home before meeting with a nurse or even completely adequate discharge instructions. The victim’s family is not happy with the state’s discipline of the doctor.

Do you think that the doctor should have faced a more severe consequence of his negligent actions?

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