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Man facing assault charges after vehicular rampage in Spokane

Updated on: 11/19/2019

Six cars were damaged after 40-year-old Jason Hoy took a black Honda Civic for a wild ride on Saturday. Hoy slammed his car into the back of a vehicle driven by Joe Alleman, who said that Hoy hit him deliberately three more times after the first strike. After pushing Alleman’s Scion into another cay, Hoy sped off, hit another car, and slammed into two parked cars before coming to a stop.

Road Rage On The Streets Of Spokane

Police told reporters that Hoy was acting erratic and yelling,  and was trying to climb into an occupied car. A video captured on a witness’s cellphone shows bystanders piling onto Hoy to hold him down and prevent him from doing further damage. One man was bitten in the process. Hoy is now facing second degree assault charges for his role in the car accident.

Police told reporters that drugs may have been involved in Saturday’s crash; Hoy was arrested for burglary in 2003, and claimed to have been in a “drug crazed state” when he ran a burglary ring. Hoy’s family told reporters that Hoy had since become a responsible business owner, and that Saturday’s rampage was uncharacteristic for him, although his wife told reporters that the family had been going through a hard time and Hoy may have reached his “breaking point.” Hoy had had a sexual assault protection order filed against him days before his unusual rampage. In the witness’s video, he appears to be admitting to sexual assault. Hoy was transported to a hospital and had not been booked into jail as of Sunday night. 

Criminal Charges For Road Rage Driver

Hoy will be tried in criminal court for his second degree assault charges in connection to Saturday’s crashes. The protection order against him did not require charges to be filed.

Since Hoy injured people and damaged private as well as public property, he may also have claims filed against him in civil court. Cases like this, in which one person is at fault for a massive amount of damage, can be tricky; even if the at-fault driver is insured, insurance companies are not required to pay out an unlimited amount for damages caused by their policy holders. Liability insurance typically comes with a “cap” on the damages that it will pay out after an accident. Since the people hurt in Hoy’s rampage were victims of a violent crime, they may also be able to request some help through the Washington State Crime Victims Compensation Program. 

If you have been in an accident and you’re unsure of how to proceed, it may be time to speak with the experienced personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group. 

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