Major Spike in Motorcycle Accidents - Cause for Concern?

motorcycle accident increase

Investigators are concerned about the growing rate of motorcycle accidents – five serious collisions in the last two days. Is it a cause for concern?

"The number of accidents is very unusual," said Sgt. Patrick Pronovost of the Washington State Patrol.

The most recent accident occurred last night on Interstate 5, when the driver of the motorcycle looked away for a moment traffic stopped in front of him. The crash caused gas to spill across the highway.

The fuel spill caused a second bike to crash and catch fire under a tractor-trailer.

Then earlier last night, a driver turned in front of a motorcyclist causing the bike to end up mangled underneath the car.

"At first I heard a big boom," says Arriette Burn, who witnessed the crash. "Saw a guy rolling on the ground and a black car kind of behind him."

On Wednesday, two motorcyclists drove off of two major highways.

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Investigators are unsure as to what is causing the increase in motorcycle accidents. They suspect that it might be due to seasonal drivers who have less experience on the roads.

With a busy holiday weekend upon us, we remind all drivers to be extra cautious this weekend.

"It's entirely possible we'll see more of it, but people have it in their power to reduce it," Pronovost said.

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