Mailman Sues After Dog Bite Attack, Suffering From Permanent Injuries

A mail carrier filed a lawsuit over a dog bite attack in 2009 that left him permanently injured. Mark Vicens sustained “multiple bite marks” to his right and left shins, left leg and calf muscles, along with lacerations and abrasions after being bitten by a male Yorkie as he delivered his mail.

He was delivering mail to a local business owned by Richard Monaco. Monaco is infamous for publicized incidents involving his neighbors. He has a chicken business and has the nickname of “Chicken Man.”

The dog bite lawsuit claims that Vicens received severe permanent, disfiguring and debilitating injuries. Other problems from the dog bite include numerous ailments, severe headaches, emotional distress, depression, loss of sleep, fear of dogs, and nightmares.

The dog that attacked Vicens is owned by Monaco’s girlfriend, he said.

“It was under my care at the time. I was dog-sitting for my girlfriend at the time,” Monaco said.

“This wasn’t a Rottweiler. It was a little 5-pound dog.” Monaco said. “The mailman never reported it to me that day. I do remember that,” he said.

He also did not witness the dog bite.

The lawsuit seeks $25,000 got compensatory damages.

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