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MADD Seattle

Updated on: 3/6/2019

The Resurrection of MADD in Washington State

MADD WashingtonIn Seattle, in all of Washington State in fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving was a volunteer-only organization until July of 2012 when MADD hired its first paid-staff member.  For years MADD Seattle had struggled to provide services in Washington State.  A few faithful and dedicated volunteers were able to provide services in isolated pockets, but were unable to provide help and support to victim/survivors of drunk driving crashes in the rest of the state. 

Mischelle Davis, wife of attorney Chris Davis, began working as a MADD volunteer in Seattle in 2009-10.  She quickly saw that financial concerns and a lack of personnel were preventing MADD from being able to execute on its mission in Washington State-- fundraising and full-time staff were the core requirements for MADD Washington’s future success. 

So in 2011 Davis lead the efforts to organize MADD’s first Walk Like MADD fundraising walk in Seattle.  With the help of KOMO TV and Radio the event was a huge success and over $30,000 was raised which made it possible to hire a full-time MADD staff person in 2012. 

Many believe that without Mischelle Davis’ help MADD would not have been able to make such a dramatic come-back in Washington. In September 2012 Mischelle was invited to speak at MADD’s National Convention in Washington DC and to share the story of MADD’s turnaround in Washington State.   

Today Mischelle continues to help MADD in Washington State by developing new fundraising and awareness campaigns. 

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