Local Law Firm Favors Local Artist

Updated on: 1/18/2019

If you Google the term "art work for law offices" the search results will point you towards framed poster prints of the scales of justice, gavels, law books and court houses.   

Or if you Google "law firm interior design" you'll be served up images of cold sterile spaces filled with bland office furniture and a receptionist sitting behind a desk in front of a sign filled with the partner's names. 

None of these images come close to the reality of visiting the Seattle offices of Davis Law Group, founded by attorney Chris Davis.  

marlene healey artist painting peacock

Over 10 years ago, Mr. Davis' wife Mischelle Davis came to manage the office personnel, IT, and communications.  She decided that since they spend more time at the office than they do at home she wanted the decor to be warm and inviting---as if clients were visiting the Davis home.  So she bought the same types of rugs and chairs for the lobby that they had at their house. 

But she didn't have to make any changes to the artwork on the walls.  Back in the mid-90s, years before they met, Chris obtained several original art works by well-known painter Marlene Healey. 

If you are not familiar with Healey's work perhaps your children are.  Healey's painting, "A Pearl Inside", can be seen on the wall of Miss Piggy's office at Vogue Paris in the 2011 Muppets movie.  

Healey was born in London, England and spent much of her childhood traveling across Europe and the United States with her family--her father was in the Air Force.  She studied art and science at both Scottsdale and Mesa Community Colleges in Arizona and at Arizona State University. 

Healey's original paintings on paper and canvas as textural pieces with abstract designs. Using layers upon layers of paint, she builds up textures in a spontaneous way.‚Äč

Mischelle, who was an art major in college, loves the Healey paintings so much that she has two of them hanging in her office.  

Photo Credits: Mischelle Davis

Artist: Marlene Healey

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