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Looking For A Local Car Accident Lawyer

Updated on: 11/19/2019

Why You Need A Local Accident Lawyer Near You

If you have been in an auto accident, local court and ethics rules require that your case be handled by an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your state---because laws vary from state-to-state.  But these days many out-of-state attorneys and law firms advertising on TV and the internet.  They don't have a local office; they aren't licensed to practice law in the local jurisdiction.  What they have is large advertising budgets. 

In most cases they will talk with potential clients over the phone; sign up new clients via fax, email or esignature; then refer the client to a less-experienced lawyer in your state.  That attorney may or may not have the skills, abilities and experience to handle your case competently.  And that attorney is basically working at a discount because the advertising firm takes a percentage of the attorney’s fees in the case as a "finder's fee." 

So an out-of-state firm that isn't licensed to practice law in your local area farms out your case to a less experienced local who, because they will not earn a full attorney fee, doesn't have much incentive to do a good job.

I Want to Find An Accident Attorney Near Me

You need a qualified local attorney who has experience handling cases like yours.  You should take the time to search for an attorney near year.  Someone who lives and works in your community.  Someone who has incentive to work hard to get the best possible result in your case.  Someone who you can sit in the same room with you; shake your hand; and look you in the eye.  Someone you can trust. 

Local Seattle Law Firm

Davis Law Group, P.S. is an award-winning personal injury law firm located in downtown Seattle.  Attorney Chris Davis is a Washington native.  He and his wife live, work and are raising their children in Seattle.  Whether it is the loss of a family member or a life-change injury, we understand that victims and their families are physically, emotionally and financially overwhelmed and unsure where to turn next.

The local attorneys at Davis Law Group have the experience and expertise to successfully guide you through the legal process and recover the fair and reasonable compensation that you deserve.  And they are right here in your own back yard. 

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