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Lawsuit Filed Against City of Auburn, King County

Updated on: 11/8/2019

Suing the government, attorney

A lawsuit was filed against the city of Auburn and King County alleging their liability of a fatal car accident that happened on Nov. 7, 2008.

The accident occurred on a rainy morning when a teenage girl was driving her 13-year-old step-brother to school and the boy’s 2-year-old cousin. The two children died in the Green River in a car accident

The parents of one of the children sued the city of Auburn and King County alleging that the rain-slicked road was negligently built and maintained. 

The 16-year-old girl was driving a VW Beetle when she swerved into oncoming traffic and down the embankment of the Green River. 

The parents are suing Auburn and King County for $20 million for damages, stating that the parties “wrongfully, negligently and deceptively designed, constructed and maintained” the road. 

The road was narrower than legal standards and covered with debris vegetation, the complaint says. It also includes that the debris obscured the striping between the road and shoulder, making it impossible to know where the road ended and the shoulder began. 

Suing the Government 

Filing a lawsuit against the state, a county or a municipality is not like suing a corporation or individual. There are special procedures and specific court rules that are required when suing a governmental entity. As the victim of negligence by a governmental entity you must be very careful in filing a claim against a city as special rules apply and if you fail to follow those rules, the courts will not hear your case and you will be left with nothing. 

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