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Davis Law Group's Law & Justice Scholarship Essay Contest - Yvette Gutierrez

Updated on: 5/17/2017

Yvette Gutierrez is currently a junior at American Intercontinental University Online. She’s completing a degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Forensic Science.

Safety Hazards Posed By Exposed Electricity Wires


Exposed, pinched and chaffed electric wires certainly do not catch as much attention as they require. The threats and hazards they pose to the lives of residents, passer-by’s, workers and animals is severely underestimated and understated. Some people do not see this issue as big a problem, so here we'll be discussing the hazards, dangers and threats posed by such inconspicuous problems in my society.

Exposed, pinched, chaffed and under insulated wires make up for a humongous hazard and a huge threat to life and property.

Safety hazard in your neighbourhood or region. How to fix that safety hazard. Responsible stakeholders:

The raw output of electricity by exposed and under insulated wires can cause extremely severe third degree burns and even death due to electrocution. Severe electric shocks thus received, can cause injuries including involuntary muscle reaction, paralysis of the muscles, physical and mental shock and third degree burns.

In Texas, I've noticed a lot of places with overhead and power lines exposed wires. Inadequate wiring, exposed electrical parts, power lines running overhead, wires with bad insulation, electrical systems and electrical tools that are not grounded and double insulated, overloaded circuits, damaged tools and equipment are life threateningly dangerous. If it rains, the exposed electric wires conduct electricity and give out intense electrical shocks throughout which could take lots of lives in a matter of seconds. (Robbins n.d.)

Overhead power lines are extremely dangerous as in case of a natural calamity like a Hurricane, they would be the first ones to fall and give out intense electrical shocks throughout the place, which would take thousands of lives in no time.

I feel everyone is responsible for fixing the safety hazards in our neighbourhood. A person owning the meter, is also responsible for the maintenance and safety of the cable line from the point of connection to the meter box. The electric company’s role here is to spread awareness of the safety measures and the need to implement them among the residents.

Any accident you have faced. What happened, and how did it impact your life. What could be done to prevent other such accidents from happening in the future?

I experienced a low voltage burn once in my area. It was dark and I didn’t notice an exposed electrical wire had fallen on my car and was in contact with the door. As soon as I tried to open the door, a sudden shock sent my hands numb and it hit all the way to my brains. Thankfully, it was of low severity and only gave me a blister.

However, the incident was enough to shake me about the safety hazards plaguing my neighbourhood. Kids play in the streets and the playground. The young ones are not very aware and mature enough to know what can be fatal if they touch it accidentally. Children have curious minds and these naive beings are known to meddle with everything. Being a mother, it greatly worries me if it is safe to let my child out of my sight under such conditions. (Services n.d.)

Keeping these things in mind, the developers, planners and electricians are expected to be developing appropriate means and ways to carry electricity.

Considering the vast amount of dangers, threats and hazards discussed above, it is obvious that the concerned government authorities and organisations take a deep look into the matter and come up with proper solutions to every problem to ensure safety. Inadequate wiring should be considered for repair, exposed electrical parts should be covered and insulated doubly, and alternative ways of conducting electricity should be researched and developed.  Even power lines running overhead should be done with, while wires with pinches, chaffs and bad insulation should be properly insulated. The circuits implemented should be monitored, so that they can carry some extra load than what is highlighted, to prevent shocks from circuit overload. Damaged power tools and equipment should be immediately cast away and new ones should be installed. Ladders and scaffoldings should not be defective and dryness at all levels should be maintained.

Taking all the measures stated above would certainly lessen the chances of being impacted and would reduce the number of threats and hazards that were posed above.


Exposed electricity wires pose a threat that needs to be addressed at this very minute and with every minute that we are delaying, it raises the risk of fatality. Self-awareness helps to recognise and prevent the safety hazards.



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Interestingly, we should be interested in the quality approach off services rendered in favor to the citizens and especially the electrical wiring. good luck
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